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Running Status of DTL Trains

Information on the running status for trains plying along the Downtown Line.


Spotting History

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Trainset Rolling Stock Date Running Run No. Status Remarks
9022Bombardier MOVIA C95113 Jan 2023DTL Downtown Line Not Spotted
9023Bombardier MOVIA C95110 Jan 2024DTL Downtown Line T225T225Not Spotted
9038Bombardier MOVIA C95122 Nov 2022DTL Downtown Line T124T124Not Spotted
9043Bombardier MOVIA C95109 Nov 2023DTL Downtown Line T320T320Not Spotted
9044Bombardier MOVIA C95121 Oct 2023DTL Downtown Line T104T104Not Spotted
9045Bombardier MOVIA C95114 Nov 2023DTL Downtown Line T318T318Not Spotted
9048Bombardier MOVIA C95117 Jul 2023DTL Downtown Line T123T123Not Spotted
9054Bombardier MOVIA C95121 Sep 2023DTL Downtown Line T315T315Not Spotted
9055Bombardier MOVIA C95103 Nov 2023DTL Downtown Line T221T221Not Spotted
9057Bombardier MOVIA C95106 Sep 2023DTL Downtown Line T221T221Not Spotted
9058Bombardier MOVIA C95101 Mar 2024DTL Downtown Line Not Spotted
9064Bombardier MOVIA C95111 Nov 2023DTL Downtown Line T105T105Not Spotted
9067Bombardier MOVIA C95123 Jan 2024DTL Downtown Line T308T308Not Spotted
9068Bombardier MOVIA C95109 Jul 2023DTL Downtown Line Not Spotted
9076Bombardier MOVIA C95112 Apr 2024DTL Downtown Line T305T305Not Spotted
9077Bombardier MOVIA C95120 Jun 2023DTL Downtown Line Not Spotted
9078Bombardier MOVIA C95107 Jul 2023DTL Downtown Line T314T314Not Spotted
9080Bombardier MOVIA C95109 Nov 2023DTL Downtown Line T309T309Not Spotted
9082Bombardier MOVIA C95121 Sep 2023DTL Downtown Line T115T115Not Spotted
9084Bombardier MOVIA C95105 Jul 2023DTL Downtown Line T110T110Not Spotted
9085Bombardier MOVIA C95116 Nov 2023DTL Downtown Line T103T103Not Spotted
9089Bombardier MOVIA C95122 Feb 2024DTL Downtown Line T226T226Not Spotted
9091Bombardier MOVIA C95105 Sep 2023DTL Downtown Line T226T226Not Spotted
9092Bombardier MOVIA C95130 Jan 2024DTL Downtown Line T324T324Not Spotted


  • Not Spotted denotes trainsets that are not spotted in the past 30 days.
  • The data for the list is crowdsourced and as such, the information may not be entirely accurate. Please refer to the terms and conditions for more information.